Saturday, April 23, 2011

Onion rolls and sesame bread

My day of baking yesterday. I made onion rolls and sesame seed bread. No too bad. The onion bread came out better. It still does taste like gluten free bread, but not the worst I have had.

What was for dinner tonight

Steak and cheese fries. I did not take a picture of the cheese fries, but they were very good!

New to blogging

This is my very first blog and blog entry. I am here because I love to talk about food. I love to cook and would be in the kitchen all day if I could. When I found out I could not have gluten I pretty much gave up food. When I gave up food, I gave up cooking. I did not know how to cook gluten free. After several months I wanted to start cooking. I missed it. I am now making and experimenting like I never have before. For the most part, it is turning out good. I thought becoming gluten free was some kind of a punishment; especially because I love, love, love to eat and eat unhealthy. I have come to realize being gluten free has challenged my way of thinking about food and my approach to it. On most days it is a blessing in disguise.

So here I am now, a little over two years gluten free. I hope you enjoy my blog and what I have to contribute to it. Thank you for reading.